dialog international association

Dialog International Association (DIA) was established in 1998 with the purpose to promote international and intercultural cooperation in diverse spheres of democratic developments in transitional countries. Today the association’s profile also includes local Hungarian programmes and international language studies and academic programmes. This website contains information about the association, it’s members, and their projects, as well as their direct contact information.

what we do

Organizing and actively taking part in a wide variety of international, intercultural projects related to our field of expertise, may it be educational projects, social projects, or international research.

Organizing and participating in  international and intercultural conferences, trainings, seminars, round tables, debates, educational games.

Our experts are among the authors of more than 100 publications related to our field of expertise, such as migration, civil rights, environment protection.

our field of expertise

demography & migration

Demography and migration processes in the post-Soviet space. Migration interaction of the CIS countries and Europe, consequences and prospects.

Minorities & civil rights

The interaction of national minorities and diasporas with the autonomous state and country of residence. Refugees and asylum seekers, migrantophobia. The rights of citizens and migrants in the countries of Europe and the post-Soviet space.​


Society and the rights of citizens and migrants in the countries of Europe and the post-Soviet space.

associations we are working with