Dialog International Association prepared and published the following monographies:


Advert for: Growing Up in the North Caucasus
Society, Family, Religion and Education
By Irina MolodikovaAlan Watt

Download: [advert Word document]


35 Urokov - Teacher's Manual for grades 6-8
Download: [cover page - 2MB] [manual - 23MB]


“Migration Processes in NIS Countries (Youth Context)”. Moscow, 2006 (Russian)

 “Methods and Methodology of Migration research (textbook)”. 2007 RAS, Moscow, (Russian) (together with UNESCO Moscow branch)

Migration Studies in the Context of Social Science., 2005, Magenta, Smolensk,  (Russian) (Together with UNHCR, Moscow branch)

Migration processes in countries of Central and Eastern Europe: problems and methods of regulation. Ed. with Zanna Zaionchkovskaya, Vitalii Belozerov: Stavropol State University, Stavropol, 2005 (Russian) (Together with East-East OSI Budapest program)



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