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Experts play as kids trying to feel as the persons with ‘special needs’.

Nalchik - experts try to be kids.JPG


8th of March 1944 (Russian official woman day holidays) the deportation program started for Barkars.This is memorial for commimoration of this history.

Nalchik - monument on deportation.JPG


The monument of Caucasus Motherland - women “With Russia for ever” was erected after deportation, to remind the history of Russian superiority.

nalchik Monument -With Russia forever.JPG


If you travel in Ingushetia and Chechnya you can often meet “peacefully’ runing military cars. This is everyday life reality.

Ingushetia-view from car windor-peaceful tank.JPG


The celebration of Day of Chechen language in Grozniy city involve a lot of school kids in national Caucasus dress.

Groznii celbratio  of Day of national language.JPG


Russian President Vladimir Putin is the hero of Chechen president  R. Kadirov. The main street of Groznii is Rutin prospect and the most influences and supported youth organizations in Chechnya are Putin Fansclub and Kadirov fansclub. They are located in this building.

Groznii funclub Putin & kadirov located here.JPG

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